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November 2009

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scott22 in dawsons_rewatch

Dawson's Creek 1X07: Detention


Summery: Dawson, Pacey, Joey and Jen all wind up spending an 8-hour Saturday in detention at Capeside High under the supervision of Mrs. Tringle, the school librarian. Abby Morgan, a fellow trouble-maker, stirs the pot by initiating a telling game of truth or dare to break up the monotony of the day.

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Next Time on Dawson's Creek: Boy Friend - February 2nd

[Sorry for posting this a day late!!]


Commentary as I Rewatch...Part One

LOL Dawson. I hate it when a movie is turned off in the middle. ACK. I completely agree with Joey in this entire scene.

I find it creepy that they're 15 and talking about having sex. From what I can remember when I was 15, I wasn't thinking about sex.

*teartear* Michelle Williams. Poor Heath Ledger. :/

"Hey, I don't talk trash. I recycle." Oh Pacey. ILU.

JOEY FTW. Owned.

I got totally mad @ Dawson for beaning Pacey with the basketball. That was WAY uncalled for. I think I would lose a friend if my friend broke my nose in anger.

Re: Commentary as I Rewatch...Part Two

Call me a geek, but I think all-day detention in a library pretty much unsupervised would be insanely fun. BOOKS! I would read for so long.

"Important work in the Audio/Visual room..." Days of Our Lives FTW.

Damn that girl is a bitch. I would so punch her. She's a great character though. I still don't see why she would make up that story. She sounds like a slut. Last time I checked, that's not cool. She also has no imagination. "Kiss this person...kiss that person..." Fail. Come up with something more interesting.

I love how Pacey is staring at Dawson while he's kissing his girlfriend. LOL rudeness. It's hilarious though.
That Dawson/Joey kiss was pretty hot. I feel skeevy for saying that, but it's true.
AHHHHHH. Joshua Jackson shirtless. AMAZING. I love the boxers peeking out of the shorts. Win.

I love the hallway slide. That's so hilarious.

The end of this episode is so awkward. ACK. Joey's face when Dawson is talking about having sex with Jen is priceless.
& Dawson is so completely clueless. Ugh.

I do think this is my favorite episode from season one.

Re: Commentary as I Rewatch...Part Two

I couldn't BELIEVE how clueless Dawson was!! "Who is it?" ARGH YOU FREAKING MORON!!

But there's a reason I can't stand Dawson. It's weird, looking back, I was totally rooting for Joey and Dawson when I watched this season. Come on, I was in 8th grade!

Re: Commentary as I Rewatch...Part Two

LOL a month ago when I first watched season one, I was rooting for Joey/Dawson.
Now I can't wait for it to be over.
(I've only seen to about halfway into season two)

Re: Commentary as I Rewatch...Part Two

Oh, wow, a virgin! I'll make sure not to use spoilery icons and stuff, then. =)

Re: Commentary as I Rewatch...Part One

I agree 100% about the sex stuff. That was almost the only thing I could think about while watching the episode...they're 15!! Like it's a PROBLEM to have not had sex at 15??

I also agree about Michelle. Every time I see her get emotional on the show, it makes me sad. I just watched 10 Things I Hate About You with friends, and I'm so damn sad now! I'm pretty bummed about Heath Ledger's death. =(

And Joey kicking Grant's ass made my freaking day!
So I made most of my comments as replies, but whatever!

I like how Jen told Joey what was up. But oh, the moment where Jen realized Joey was in love with Dawson...AWKWARD! Weird how it took me a rewatch or two to like Jen...now I love her.
I'm still not THE biggest Jen fan, but I think her character gets a lot of unnecessary flack. Give the girl a break. She moves away from her whore-phase and people are still all over her about it.
This was my favorite episode of season one! Pacey cracked me up through the entire episode!
"I don't talk trash, I recycle it!"
"Emelio Estevez, he was those duck movies! Those were classics!" (One of my fave lines! LOL)

Watching Abby stir up trouble was quite fun. And all of them calling each other on their dirty little secrets. And of course, Guess My Butt! Pacey's butt is like a magnet! lol

Dawson is SO profoundly clueless! *rolls eyes* like she practically told him outright and he still doesn't get it. Ugg...

I do love when Dawson tells Joey its only a matter of time before she finds the right guy to be with. And I'm sitting there going, "He's sitting right next to you! No, to your right woman!" LOL