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Feb. 27th, 2008

Glee - Klaine kisses


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So, I promise to get to posting my comments on the first epi of season 2 real real soon......
But until then, I thought I'd post all the season 2 icons I've made in the past in celebration of starting season 2!
And yeah, Pacey's in all of them again. lol



Dawson's Creek: 2x01 - The Kiss [Season Premier!]

Hey Everyone! Season 2 is now starting!

Some Changes, I will get rid of the review questions, so feel free to share your own thoughts, comments, observations whatever you want to share!

If you still want to catch up on your Season 1 reviews you are more than welcome to do so!

and also remember that you can post news relating to Dawson's Creek and the actors, as well as pictures and Icons!

and most important, Have Fun! :D


Summery: After their kiss, Dawson and Joey have doubts about the future of their relationship as Joey plans to go to France. Meanwhile, Pacey plays a trick on the new girl, but later finds himself the victim of her trick on him.

Share Your Thoughts and Comments on This Episode!

Next Time On Dawson's Creek: Crossroads -  Saturday March 1st

Feb. 26th, 2008



Mod Post - Need Your Feedback and Suggestions!

Hey Everyone!

I really hope you all are having fun re-watching Dawson's Creek, I did notice we started out pretty strong in season 1 but kind of died off towards the end, I am just wondering if thats because Season 1 isn't a favorite and everyone is waiting for Season 2 to start? or if there is anything that I should do different?

I am completely open to suggestions or advice on how to get people to start posting their reviews, we could have icon contests for the 2 episodes being watched that week?

So please comment here and let me know what you like what you think could be changed, I really would like to see a lot of posts next season :D

Thank You Everyone!!


Feb. 21st, 2008



Dawson's Creek 1x13: Decisions [Season Finale]


Summery: In the season finale, Dawson and Joey confront their true feelings. Joey, visits her father in prison, and debates leaving to go to France. Jen's Gramps passes away and she turns to Dawson for comfort.

There will be a 1 week break between Seasons 1 & 2 so if you need to catch up your reviews for season 1 this would be a great time to do it! I will be! hehehe

Next Time on Dawson's Creek: Season 2 Opener - Kiss - Wednesday February 27th

Feb. 17th, 2008



Dawson's Creek 1x12: Beauty Contest


Summery: Capeside's annual Miss Windjammer contest gets turned on its ear when it draws some unexpected contestants. Jen tries to persuade Joey to enter but she won't have any part of it. After finding out the winner receives a $5,000 prize for college tuition Joey changes her mind.

Next Time On Dawson's Creek: Decisions [Season Finale] - Wednesday February 20th

(Sorry I am Late with the post!!)

Feb. 13th, 2008



Dawson's Creek 1x11: Double Date


Summery: A double date finds Jen and Cliff joined by Dawson and a savvy sidekick who calls him on a plot to make Jen jealous. But it's Dawson turn to turn green when Pacey grows close to Joey working on a project.

Next Time On Dawson's Creek:  Beauty Contest - Saturday February 16th

Feb. 10th, 2008



Dawson's Creek 1x10: The Scare


Summery: In honor of Friday the 13th, Dawson, plans a séance for the gang. While in the store getting supplies for the evening they meet a distressed young lady who they invite back to Dawson's with them. In addition to being spooked by the lady, and the seance, they are all spooked by reports of a serial killer heading towards Capeside. 


Next Time On Dawson's Creek: Double Date - Wednesday February 13th 


Coming Soon

Hey everyone!

just wanted to let you know that the next review post will be posted later today, I am at my mothers and haven't had time to get it posted. 

Hope Everyone is having a fantastic weekend!

Feb. 8th, 2008



I just got my Dawson's BoxSet, super excited! I've never seen Seasons 1, 5 & 6 before. I'm gonna catch up then start adding my reviews :) Here are some season 1 icons.

the restCollapse )

Feb. 6th, 2008



Dawson's Creek 1x09: Road Trip


Summery: Hoping to get over Jen, Dawson agrees to skip school and join Pacey and Billy on a road trip where finds what he is looking for in another woman. Meanwhile Jen handles damage control after Joey becomes the subject of a rumor at school.

Next Time On Dawson's Creek: The Scare - Saturday February 9th

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