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November 2009

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Dawson's Creek 2x07: The All-Nighter


Summery: Facing the scariest English test of their lives the gang has an all night study session at wealthy, horny Chris Wolfe's house. At this all-nighter secrets are revealed and friendships are altered.

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I actually really like this episode, if I ignore the Dawson/Joey crap, lol. But I love the Pacey/Andie storyline, and how the truth about Tamara comes out, and even then Andie see past it to recognize how great Pacey is. I've always loved that ship, even though I love Pacey/Joey more. But in season 2, the Pacey/Andie relationship is the main thing I like, cause I hate Dawson/Joey and all their drama.
I couldn't agree more with everything you said! One thing I also didn't like about this season was how so many crappy things kept happening to Jen - I really hate it when Jason Behr is such a jerk to her in this episode.
That's a good point. I actually pretty much hated Jen until mid-season 3, just cause I hated the way the writer's were messing w/ her character. After that, though, I really started to like her.
I really liked this episode too. My fav part would have to be Pacey dancing with Kristy Livingstone. I don't really like Pacey and Andie, despite how sweet they are, so that little foil to their plan was sort of entertaining.

I don't think that Chris Wolff was such an awful person. I mean, thats the idea he had going into it, as well as the idea that most girls who go out with him have too. Jen was just so used to Dawson, that she forgot about some of the jerks out there.