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November 2009

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scott22 in dawsons_rewatch


Summery: Parental problems cast a pall over Dawson and Joey's new romance. Pacey is troubled when he sees the McPhee's homelife. Jen has a date that makes Abby jealous and Joey and Jack share a kiss.

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Again, seen this episode a million billion times. And also, that storyline with Jen and the older guy...just so cringeworthy. Abby looks like she's high on drugs all the time, haha.

I remember the first time I saw this episode I was totally shocked when Jack kissed Joey.

Andie's mum is so cute, hehe.

LOL at Abby trying it on with Dawson <3 classic!

Awww at Mitch crying, bless him. I guess this is the start of it all going completely downhill for his parents.

I absolutely love the Jewel song that plays at the end of this episode, it's gorgeous.
I think this is the episode where I first fell in love with Pacey. He's so sweet with Andie.

Joey sure is in a crappy spot. It's pretty clear she's not totally happy with Dawson, but he's going through something terrible, which kind of means she can't immediately do or say anything.

I love Mitch, and it always makes me sad to see him cry. My parents got divorced when I was five, and I know it's the best thing either of them could have done. My life is so much better for it than if they'd stayed together. I can't even begin to understand how an older person would feel if their parents split up. To me, it's like, "Hey, duh, they'll be happier, so it's good!" But I can see how someone would feel otherwise.

I love Jack, too. I can't wait for him and Jen to start hanging out., I felt really sad for Jen in this episode, too.