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November 2009

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scott22 in dawsons_rewatch

Dawson's Creek 2x04: Tamara's Return


Summery: Tamara Jacobs, who left town after her affair with Pacey was almost exposed, shares an awkward reunion with Pacey. The encounter triggers old emotions in Pacey and curiosity in Andie. Meanwhile Jack and Joey enjoy art together.

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Another episode I've seen loads so not sure whether I like it or not, haha.

I love that Joey's getting into art, I was so into art at school when I was watching this so I thought it was awesome that Jey was too haha. This is just before she starts getting annoying and trying to find herself and all that garbage aswell, so it's ace.
I love Pacey's reaction when he bumps into Tamara, classic.

Ugh, Andie is so vile, haha. I really dislike her.

UGH! That stupid storyline about Jen and that older guy is just so cringeworthy.

I had never seen the scene with Pacey and Tamara in the building's she's trying to sell. They obviously cut it out on whatever channel they showed it on at the time.

HAHAHAH at the drawing of Dawson!
I'm really not a fan of this episode. The only redeeming characteristic for me is Andie, who is adorable and hilarious.

Dawson's dad chatting with Tamara was awkward. "A student, wasn't it?" Do ou think he doesn't know it was Pacey? That would be ridiculous, as it wasn't exactly a secret when it came out!!

It's great to see Joey interested in something other than Dawson, but the ridiculous speed in which she becomes so sensitive over "the art thing" was unbelievable.

I was really glad to see Tamara go last season, so her return just doesn't thrill me. But I was very happy to see Pacey be so mature about it.