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November 2009

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scott22 in dawsons_rewatch

Dawson's Creek 1x12: Beauty Contest


Summery: Capeside's annual Miss Windjammer contest gets turned on its ear when it draws some unexpected contestants. Jen tries to persuade Joey to enter but she won't have any part of it. After finding out the winner receives a $5,000 prize for college tuition Joey changes her mind.

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Next Time On Dawson's Creek: Decisions [Season Finale] - Wednesday February 20th

(Sorry I am Late with the post!!)


Rating: 8

What I Liked: It's about time people recognize how damn gorgeous Joey is. I also liked seeing Joey and Jen start to maybe, finally become friends. And Pacey is just fantastic throughout the whole episode!

What I Didn't Like: It's frustrating how Dawson just BAM realizes he's got a thing for Joey. Then again, it can happen like that in reality, sometimes.

It's amazing how much I dislike Dawson while rewatching this again! He's so self involved and completely oblivious...his treatment of Joey in this episode clearly demonstrates that!
They are just developing his character to be more desirable. She is sappossed to be the one he never noticed that becomes the love of his life! Thats what makes the show so great! I love Dawson and Joey.
I give this a 9.5. It was almost perfect, except for all the things that mean girl said about Joey, and the fact that Pacey didn't win.

Pacey's interpetive speech was the best!! I mean, it was sooo awesome! And when Dawson joined in, it was perfect. They must be real best friends to be able to do that. Joey and Jen both looked very pretty.

I didn't like Joey's singing. I know Katie tries, and I totally respect her for that, but that song is supposed to be sung in a certain way, and that wasn't it.
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